Links – soccer (blogs)

1 03 2013

Soccer analytics blogs:

First of all ‘cream of the crop’ of ‘soccer analytics’ blogs – the ones You should visit on a regular basis as they are updated pretty frequently and You can count on some innovative thinking:


Some repositories with links to other blogs:


‘Corporate’ blogs:


Financial football:


Football tactics:


Below are other great blogs, but they are not updated frequently or are already defunct – still it’s worth to explore them:



Links – soccer (data)

1 03 2013

Links for soccer data inventories:

Biggest databases of soccer results with huge archives (hundreds of leagues with games dating back even to 19th century):

  • Soccerway (as part of Scoresway) -> results, goal scorers and lineups for most games + basic stats {shots, shots on target, corners, possesion, etc.} for major leagues
  • RSSF -> huge resource of results, especially for distant history

Sophisticated data provided by Opta:

  • WhoScored -> basic Opta stats + player ratings for 5 big European soccer leagues
  • Squawka -> even more sophisticated data from Opta (with event coordinates) for 5 big European soccer leagues
  • EPL Index -> Premiership
  • MLS
  • Bundesliga

Some advanced data (like shots coordinates, play-by-play):

Basic match stats (shots, shots on target, yellow cards, corners, etc.):

Player valuations:

Links library

1 03 2013

There are so many sites on the web, but even in these days – when we have more sophisticated search engines and web crawlers – it’s so hard to find new valuable resources, even in the areas we already explore.
Still there are a lot of gems out there which can not only expand our knowledge, but also stimulate further our curiosity and encourage us to explore new ideas.

With that in mind I want to share my links bibliography – links which correspond to sports (especially soccer and basketball), data and analysis.

Naturally this is subjective list -> I’m only presenting these websites, which I reviewed and still ‘use’ because they bring an added value.

PS: Please share any other valuable websites in this area – I will check them and update this library if needed.